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Website page redirected too many times [Fixed]

At a certain time while accessing your domain, you might type the domain name, for example,, and then boom you encounter an error that your page redirected too many times, and then the message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

The error is so frustrating that it leaves one with a lot of questions regarding the security of the website and what could have caused the error

Fixed website page redirected too many times

A lot of articles have been composed online trying to solve this problem yet no one has described the solution as it is supposed to be. In this article, I shall discuss what might really cause the problem and how to solve the problem.

As of the screenshot we have shown above, there is one option that is provided which the browser thinks might solve the problem. The solution which is recommended is trying to clear the cookies in the browser

What we ought to understand is that the error is not associated with the browser since if it could be a browser issue, you could access the website in any other browser apart from the one which is producing the error. But this is not the case as it appears in all browsers.

According to the research that I have conducted, I have realized that this problem originates from the hosting server, that is, the place where you have hosted the website files in the server, for example, the Cpanel.

The problem mostly occurs when the SSL certificate is expired or it is misconfigured while installing it. Also, the error occurs when the htaccess file has lines of codes that are not properly configured or contain errors

Clearing the cookies in the browser will not solve the problem or change the settings in the browser. When the error occurs it does not mean all the users should clear the cookies as t affect every user.

How to fix website page redirected too many times

To solve this error, you will need to check any of the following items

  • Check the codes in the htaccess file

This is the most effective way and works 100% at most times. The htaccess file is the one which we add instructions of either to redirect HTTP to HTTPS or to remove extensions

To check whether this is the cause of the error, comment or remove the lines of code in the htaccess file and click save

Once you reload the domain in the address bar, you will notice that the error will be fixed

  • Renew your SSL certificate if it has expired

The good thing with those that use Cpanel is that there is a provision of free SSL that lasts for 3 months and you can also renew freely after the lapse of this period

Navigate to the Cpanel and search or open the Lets encrypt and follow instructions

  • Check whether the SSL certificate is misconfigured

On the Cpanel dashboard, if the SSL has an error, the warning icon is displayed next to the domain name in the top right sidebar

Follow the instructions provided


That’s the ways you can use to fix page redirected too many times (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)