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How to use WhatsApp on desktop pc

WhatsApp is the current most popular messaging app in the world right now. According to the google play store where the android version of WhatsApp is hosted, there are over 5 billion downloads of WhatsApp as of December 2021.

The data shows how popular WhatsApp is in the world and due to the features that they are releasing from time to time, its popularity keeps on increasing.

WhatsApp has been in existence since February 2009 and it’s currently owned and maintained by Meta which replaced Facebook Inc. in October 2021.

The sole purpose of WhatsApp is to create a smooth messaging experience with anyone while guaranteeing the security of your messages which is provided by messages being end to end encrypted.

In this article, we shall discuss how you can use WhatsApp on your desktop pc even if your mobile device is not closed.

As from the beginning of developing WhatsApp, it was primarily a user-based app for messaging which was to work on either android devices or iOS devices but with time, WhatsApp has expanded its features to reach more audience.

How WhatsApp works

WhatsApp is device-based meaning it uses the id of the device to either send or receive notifications. The phone number that one is asked for while registering is to map it with the device the phone number is in.

Notifications are not sent to the phone numbers rather they are sent to the device the phone number is mapped into that’s why when you change your phone number, the old device is deregistered and the new device mapped.

Types of WhatsApp applications

 Currently, the official types of WhatsApp from WhatsApp Inc. are WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Messenger is the personal version of WhatsApp that has all the features for chats, calls, and statuses while WhatsApp business is a modified WhatsApp Messenger that has business tools whereby you can manage your business from this app.

WhatsApp Business allows you to add business working hours, the products you sell, or the services you offer and at the same time add the location of the business.

There are other types of WhatsApp that are not from the official WhatsApp Company which includes

  • Gb WhatsApp
  • Og WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp on desktop pc

When we are referring to desktop pc we are simply referring to laptop computers or desktop computers.

The feature by WhatsApp where you can use WhatsApp while on the computer is basically made for all those who use computers for the majority part of the day to perform tasks. Some tend to forget about their mobile phones while they are working.

Since WhatsApp has become the major messaging app, and most information is passed through this channel, it is therefore in order to use WhatsApp while on your computer

There are two ways in which you can use WhatsApp while on your computer

  • WhatsApp Web
  • WhatsApp for Windows

WhatsApp for Windows is an application developed to be installed on Windows operating systems. It allows you to connect your mobile phone WhatsApp to the app on your computer such that you can receive, view, and send messages from the computer

Download and install WhatsApp for Windows

To download WhatsApp for Windows, visit https://www.whatsapp.com/download and click download for windows on the right section. You are also provided with an option to choose either your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

How to use WhatsApp on desktop pc

Once you have downloaded, WhatsApp for windows, click the setup after it’s done

It will open a screen like the one shown below

How to use WhatsApp on desktop pc

Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap menu or settings and then select linked devices, a camera will be opened.

Point the camera to the QR code in the WhatsApp for windows app on your computer until it matches it

Once it collects the QR code information, WhatsApp data will be loaded in the computer app

You can now use Whatsapp on your computer using the WhatsApp for windows app

WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web is a feature of WhatsApp that enables computers that do not support WhatsApp android, apple, or windows applications to use WhatsApp.

Whatsapp web works the same with WhatsApp for windows applications whereby it allows computers or pcs to access mobile phone versions of WhatsApp.

To get WhatsApp web, visit https://web.whatsapp.com/ and you will be requested to connect your mobile phone using the QR code as we have shown in the steps above

Please note that for WhatsApp web or WhatsApp for windows to work, the WhatsApp in your mobile device has to be active and running

Also, note that distance is not a factor between the mobile phone and the computer as long as the mobile device WhatsApp is running.

The limitation of using WhatsApp on your computer is;

  • You cannot make calls
  • You cannot receive calls
  • You cannot send a status though you can view

The only instance you can use WhatsApp on your computer without having to use a mobile phone is by installing the blue stacks application. Blue stacks act as a mobile device on its own and allow android applications to be installed.