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How to save WhatsApp status in your device

WhatsApp has become the most popular application in the world. This is not only that it is a messaging application but also due to the advanced features that it provides.

WhatsApp is largely used by a huge number of people in the world due to its ability to share various media types starting from images, voice, videos, contacts, and many more. It is also compatible with most smartphones and desktops making it easier to use and access.

While updating some of their features, WhatsApp saw that it is worth doing a feature called status in the app such that you can share text, images, and videos to your contacts meaning you can share a piece of information or entertain your contact lists at a go through sharing a status update.

The feature is largely used even as a means of advertisement by businesses such that they can showcase their products or services to their prospective customers.

One drawback that is there in WhatsApp is that you cannot download a status through the screen you are viewing it from, this happened after WhatsApp updated their app sometimes back. But it’s still possible to view the statuses on your phone or device.

While using the normal WhatsApp application, there is no option for downloading the status as it was before. The status screen is usually as below

How to save WhatsApp status in your device

But unless you are using other versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp gb or og WhatsApp, the download status option is always available like as shown in the image below

How to save WhatsApp status in your device

One thing we do not know is that after you view a WhatsApp status, it is usually stored or downloaded in your device instantly but the good thing is that once the 24 hours that statues last on the timeline, it is usually erased from your device to avoid filling up your device.

How to view WhatsApp status on your device

The WhatsApp status folder in your device is usually hidden by default since it starts with the dot (.) prefix. To view it you must turn the option of viewing hidden files in your settings

  • Open your file manager app on your device
  • On the top left, tap the menu icon and scroll down to settings
  • On the settings section, the show hidden files is off by default, turn it on so that the hidden files can be visible

How to save WhatsApp status in your device

  • Click go back and you will notice that some files will appear on the list
  • Scroll down to the WhatsApp folder
  • Open the WhatsApp folder
  • Click on the media folder
  • At the media folder, you will notice that the .statuses folder will appear

How to save WhatsApp status in your device

  • Inside this folder, you will see all the statuses that you have viewed in the last 24 hours
  • You can click on the status you want to save and ensure you transfer the status from this folder to a folder that you store your media files. This will ensure that the media either video or text will not disappear after 24 hours


To hide this folder, you will need to turn off the show hidden files option in the settings and the statuses will be hidden.

That’s it for this article, hope you have learned how to save a WhatsApp status on your device.