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How to publish app in google play store

Making an app published in the google play store and be available in the desire and dream for every android developer. The steps involved may not be straightforward for a new user and google requires a lot of items to be added for the account to be active.

This article is a continuation of a previous article that we highlighted on how to create a google play developer account which we discussed on how to set up your account up to the point of paying the 25$ fee.

Please note before you start the process of publishing your app in the play store,
your account need to be activated by google which takes a period of up to a week
as we highlighted in the last article

The steps followed are as followed,

How to publish app in google play store

  • Click on your developer account

How to publish app in google play store

  • Go through each and every navigation link provided in the left sidebar and you will find the information that is required.


Creating an App

  • In the top right, click create an app
  • In the next window that opens, add the app details as required
  • Add the App name (this is the name that will be used as your app name)
  • Default language set it as English
  • Select whether your app is an app or a game
  • If you want users to pay while downloading your app select paid but by default it's free
  • Check the other 2 options for declaration laws
  • Click create app

A new window is opened

In this window, scroll down to the Setup your app section

How to publish app in google play store

In the setup, your app section, expand the view tasks dropdown

In this section, you will be required to add information about your app

  • In the app access, check the feature that suits your app and click save and click the back arrow
  • In all the other 7 steps open each and fill the feature that suits your app and click save

How to publish app in google play store

  • In the third section for content rating, you will need to fill in the questionnaire and click submit
  • In target audience select 18+ if your app is not for children
  • Next, in the Select an app category and provide contact details section

Enter your email address and phone number

Enter your website link

Click save

  • Step 8 involves adding the app details

Confirm your app name

Add a short description of what your app is about

Add a full description for your app, that is, explain in detail what your app offers

How to publish app in google play store

In the graphics section,

Add your app icon and remember the specified dimensions of 512px by 512px

Add your feature graphic with dimensions 1,024 px by 500 px

Add screenshots of how your app looks like for both phone and tablet

Once done click save

  • Having completed the 8 steps, move to the section of publishing the app on the play store

Expand the view tasks

Select the countries in which you want your app to be visible

Step 2 create a new release, a release is an app you have exported from the android studio which follows the specs that the play store accepts

Review your app and click the start roll out to production

  • Next, your app will be submitted for review and it takes a few days before it is released to the public
  • You can keep checking to ascertain when your app status will change from in review to production


Having followed the above steps, your app will be ready for download by users.