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How to fix android SDK manager is missing

In some cases, you might encounter the following message when you try to launch SDK manager in android studio, SDK manager is missing which is sometimes common to android developers.

The SDK missing error is at times displayed as "Error! The requested URL was not found on this server." Which may mean that your local installation of Android SDK tools is corrupt.

In this article, we shall discuss what causes the error, the SDK manager is missing, and how to fix it in android studio.

First, let us understand what an SDK manager is;

The Android SDK manager is a tool in android studio that allows an android developer to view the packages that are usable in the android studio version that is installed.

Also, the android SDK manager allows the developer to update, install new packages, and also uninstall redundant or deprecated packages that are no longer usable in android development.

Android SDK manager is a must-have tool for all android developers since it contains essential tools and libraries used to develop android applications.

What causes the error, SDK tools are missing?

Mainly, there are a few reasons that make the android SDK manager miss in an app developed which include the follows

  • Corrupted SDK tools which may result mostly from the unfinished download of SDK tools or getting the tools from an unknown source
  • Wrongly referenced location of SDK tools, that is, the location of SDK tools referenced in the SDK manager may be wrong or may not contain the SDK tools
  • Incompatible SDK tools meaning that the SDK tools used may be of deprecated version making the project being built to not reference the SDK tools.

How to fix SDK manager is missing in android studio

Install or reinstall the SDK manager

First, you will need to install or reinstall the SDK manager in android studio. If the SDK manager is missing, you will need to install the SDK manager.

To install SDK manager in android studio, click SDK manager on the right side of the top bar

How to fix android SDK manager is missing

If the SDK manager is not present, you will be presented with an option to Download the Android SDK manager.

Ensure you have a stable internet connection so that it will not result in corrupted tools

Open it and choose the right path for your android SDK manager.

Also, ensure you have storage space in your computer of at least one gigabyte (1 GB)

Check the SDK root Directory

If the SDK manager is installed in android studio which is the common case while using android studio and you are still getting the error, SDK manager or SDK tools are missing, ensure that you have set the location of SDK correctly.

If you're using a Mac or Linux, ensure that your SDK root directory is set correctly. On Mac or Linux this is typically done in your profile file. On Windows, this is generally done with an environment variable.

If you're using Windows 10 and have installed the Android SDK Manager in its default location (on C:\\Program Files\\Android\\android-sdk), please make sure there are no spaces around the path name: "C:\\Program Files\\Android\\android-sdk" instead of "C:\\Program Files\\Android".

If you decide to use a custom location for the SDK manager other than the default one, ensure you specify the path correctly to avoid the error.


In the above discussion, we have defined what SDK manager is in android studio and why it is a must-have for every android developer. Also, we have discussed what causes the error SDK manager is missing and how to solve it.

Hope the discussion has been of help to you.