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How to create a google play developer Account

As a developer, having finished developing your android application and it's now time to publish it into the play store, we shall show you the steps you should follow so that you can create a google play store account in this article.

All applications that we download from the play store are hosted or owned by individuals or companies that have google play developer accounts. So when we think of how our apps should appear in the google play store so that users can download them we must first think of how to own a google play developer account.

As of the end of 2020, there were over 2.95 million android applications that were uploaded to the google play store which according to statistics it was estimated that 3,739 android apps were uploaded to the google play store daily resulting in to at least 100,000 new apps every month. The rise in these figures is due to result of the availability of android smart mobile phones which come with play store enabled.

Google the owner of the play store has a section called google play console that is used by owners of apps so that they can host their applications that will enable app users to download by either searching the application name or company name, for example, you can download the uber app by either searching the specific app name or searching the uber technologies Inc. which is the company name and all the apps under the company will be visible.

Please note once you create one google play store account you can host as many apps as possible

To begin,

  • Visit the official google play developer website
  • It will provide you with an option to sign in using your Gmail account if you do not have a Google account signed in, if the google account is signed in it will take you to the signup link
  • It will give you an alert that a fee of 25$ is charged so that your account is setup

Please note that the 25$ fee is a one-time fee meaning it's once for a lifetime and you will not need to renew

  • Next, you will be required to fill in your details are requested

How to create a google Play developer Account


The Public developer name is the name of your business or your developer name which will be publicized as the official owner of the app.

The secondary email address is used as an alternative email for the one you have signed with.

The phone number will be used to send confirmation codes and other information related to your account

  • Agree on all terms and click create account and pay
  • You will be provided with a pop up that will request your card details which will be used to deduct the 25$

How to create a google Play developer Account

  • Add your card details and click buy
  • Google will verify your payment and once successful.
  • You will receive an email from Google notifying you when your account is ready to be activated.

Please note the process can take up to a week before your account is activated

  • Once you receive the email from google, you can proceed and activate your account.


Once you have followed the above process successfully, you will be ready to upload your account. This article was to help you with step one before you submit your app to the play store which was how to create a google play store developer account. The next step will be on how to upload your app to the google play store developer account.