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Download and Install Android Studio on Windows

This article will highlight the steps and the requirements that are needed to download and install Android studio the windows machine

Android studio is the official software or the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) approved by Google to develop Android applications.

Android Apps are hosted in the Play store which is owned and controlled by Google, therefore you cannot develop android apps without support from google.

The language used to develop android applications is java but was replaced by kotlin in 2019 but that doesn’t mean that java was deprecated completely. To be on the safer side, use Kotlin always.

Android studio versions keep on changing the IDE and they keep reminding you to update by a certain date to ensure you don’t get locked out of the features. As of 2020, the android studio version was above 3.1.0 and it keeps on changing checkout on this link


Features in Android Studio 3

  • A fast and feature-rich emulator (used to preview apps before installing on a real device)
  • Drop elements into the editor and to generate the code (ability to drag features without writing their code)
  • An environment to view how the app will behave on different kinds of screen sizes
  • A flexible Gradle build system
  • You are also going to get some common Android designs times of templates
  • Firebase support
  • GitHub integration and support


System Requirements

So before you download Android studio what are you supposed to have, that is the windows computer must have all these requirements

  1. An operating system that is Microsoft Windows 7/8 /10 32-bit or 64-bit (64-bit mostly recommended)
  2.  A RAM of minimum of 4GB 8GB RAM is recommended
  3. A free disk space of at least 4GB
  4. JDK version Java development kit version 8 is the minimum
  5. Screen resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels


Download Android Studio

So to download Android studio,

  • Visit the official Android studio website in your browser

  • Click on the download Android studio option

Download and Install Android Studio on Windows

You're going to realize that Android studio a bulk in size currently we have 912 MB

  • Wait for the download to finish


Installing Android Studio

  • Once it has finished, open the folder where the download has been saved

Download and Install Android Studio on Windows

  • Double click the file and a screen dialog will open
  • On the wizard screens, click next and leave the options as they are as shown below

Download and Install Android Studio on Windows

Download and Install Android Studio on Windows


Download and Install Android Studio on Windows


Download and Install Android Studio on Windows


Download and Install Android Studio on Windows

  • Once it has completed the installation, check start Android studio and click finish
  • A screen will open like below wait for it to load the working area
  • Follow the Wizard by clicking next and once you are through click


With the above steps, Android studio will be ready to create your first app.